Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hi to all my non-existant readers :)
I think today is a good day. Last night I succeeded in not thinking about food nonstop and hopefully today I can keep it up. I also stood up for myself last night. I was supposed to go hang out with this guy (who has a world record in weight-lifting! but that's not important). I just got out of a relationship and I am really not trying to be attached to anyone right now and I also don't want to have casual hookups. It makes me feel bad. I hang out with (sleep with) people because they want me to regardless of how I feel about it way too often. So, I tried to explain that to him last night. He just ended up confused but whatever.

So, #1 on my shopping list for the fall is a cute bag I can carry around my laptop in. I found 3 satchels that I love but I feel like I'll probably have to spend a day carrying my laptop around to stores to find a good fit. These are some favorites I've found so far:

Forever 21 Worn Large Leatherette tote $32.80


PS1 Medium suede satchel

Cambridge Satchel Company £73.00
Urban Outfitters Canvas Caryall Satchel $48

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