Tuesday, July 6, 2010

my body is a temple.

this weekend i went to my grandparents house on the bay with my family and my two cousins. while there, my cousin (15) and i snuck a couple glasses of wine and accepted when my brother offered weed to us. my cousin then told her sister who told her dad who called my parents. i'm not sure what will happen. i was hoping to go back to school in the fall but now i don't know if they will let me. also, my brother has been living at the house and now his girlfriend is leaving him because she can't handle the drama. he was going to start working for my father because his current archeology dig is ending and now they're obviously not on good terms so he doesn't know what he will do. he thinks his life is over.
i personally don't care what happens to me. whatever my parents want to do i will take. my only goal is graduating from college and going to law school so i can get a good job.
i am so tired of hiding things and not being the right kind of person. i want to be able to have fun without drinking and smoking and i don't want to have to starve myself to feel pretty. my body is a temple. i will tell myself that every day until i believe it.

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