Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have some questions I need answered...
1. Are all substances bad all the time?
2. Whose example do I follow?
3. What moral code do I use to make decisions?
4. Do I distance myself from people who I know aren't good examples?
5. How do I resist temptation FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?

I'm not strong enough! I do things on whims and I don't think twice :/

Anyways, these looks from the fall topshop lookbook made my day:


  1. i can try and help with some of these
    i think you should use your own moral code i have better morals than my mother father and all my friends but that also doesn't mean im not a fun person lol you should distance yourself from people who are bad examples i try and get away from people who are just going to bring me down and if you want an example to follow find someone you can look up to for the right reasons or make your own and lastly what kind of substance are we talking about ? lol